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With the advancement of technology, products are developing, and product variety is increasing day by day. In this situation, both sellers and buyers need to keep their product knowledge up-to-date and be open to innovation. Many business owners are very careful and meticulous in the process of preparing their products for sale.

Because businesses prefer to provide product details, pricing, technical information, and stock information in an up-to-date and detailed manner in order to meet the needs and desires of buyers.

Turkey's Most Advanced Product Module


The ERP software has also chosen to be by the side of business owners with just one click. Thanks to the Products module in the ERP software, companies find it easier to manage, upload, and update their websites integrated with the program.

The Product module in the ERP software provides companies with the convenience of easily uploading products onto the system and integrating them with their website. From the Product module in the ERP software, business owners can upload the products they sell, provide information and technical details about the products, and specify product stock and prices. Additionally, the products and information uploaded through the ERP software are reflected on the company's website as well. This allows the company to streamline its operations through a single system, eliminating the need to waste time on manual product uploads on their website.

Through the user-friendly interface of the business product module, you can easily access products by searching with the product name or brand name. Additionally, the business can view the location of the product in which warehouse and the quantity of stock in each warehouse through the same interface.

The "Products" module allows for quick access to products by selecting the product type during the product search phase, similar to how it is done on websites. Businesses can sell their products to customers through the system and stay updated with the customers who have purchased the products. If desired, the business administrator can update information related to the products.

The Production Module has provided significant advantages to businesses through its capability to integrate various functionalities into a single system and its user-friendly interface. Consequently, instead of using two different digital platforms, companies can organize multiple operations according to their needs through a single digital platform. As a result, businesses can save time and complete their tasks more efficiently.

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