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Nitro Smart Production Module

With the advancement of technology, product features, design, and materials used in manufacturing have also improved. As a result of this development, there may be changes in the materials used in the production process of products. In this regard, business owners should follow a more careful process in the production of products. This is because a mistake made during the product manufacturing process can cause financial losses to the company. To prevent businesses from encountering such situations, the ERP software has developed the Manufacturing Module software.

Turkey's Most Advanced Production Module


The Production Module has a user-friendly interface and possesses software that accelerates the production process for businesses. This module consists of three stages.

Production Recipe: The production recipe determines the materials required for a business to manufacture a product. These designated materials are entered into the system. For example, let's consider a business that produces a fault detection device. The business requires materials such as R&D and software for the production of the fault detection device. When the authorized personnel in the company creates a production recipe, they will first write down the initial product and then upload the quantities of the materials associated with the product into the system. Additionally, in the Production Recipe software, after entering the materials used in product manufacturing into the system, an automatic representation of the production process is generated in the form of a diagram to make the interface more understandable for businesses. This facilitates faster and easier production for businesses. As a result, the business authority has a production recipe for a product.

Production Creation: The person in charge within the company selects the desired product to be produced from the product recipe and writes the quantity they want to produce in the relevant section. As a result, the system automatically combines the information written in the production recipe with the desired quantity through its integrated system. This enables the authorized personnel of the company to access the required material quantities.

Production List: The Business Manager uploads a photo of the product they produce, specifies the quantity of the product, and lists the characteristics of the product such as whether it is based on kilograms or meters. After this process, the product is approved in connection with the warehouse, and the stock of the product in the warehouse is updated.

The Production Module helps the company's production process progress in a more systematic way through a single system. Additionally, this module enables the company to achieve more accurate and simplified production. In businesses, the production process has gained a more reliable characteristic by utilizing the Production Module of the ERP system through a digital environment. This becomes an effective software for the procurement process. Reliability and quality are crucial in the procurement process. In this regard, the production schedule created through the system becomes a more prominent software for businesses.

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