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Technical Service Module

Nitro Smart Technical Service Module

With the advancement of technology, consumer expectations are also increasing. Consumers expect fast and solution-oriented support from companies after the purchase process. This is because consumers are constantly in a race against time. In this case, reaching quick results during a transaction is a significant advantage for consumers.

Furthermore, along with technology, consumers spend more time in the digital realm. Digital platforms have managed to capture the attention of consumers more by offering features such as easy access, time savings, and being solution-oriented.

The Most Advanced Technical Service Module in Turkey


Consumers prioritize the advantages provided by digital platforms in their daily lives. Additionally, companies also closely follow systematic and fast solution-oriented technological advancements, just like consumers. For this reason, the ERP system on the digital platform has developed a Technical Service Module to facilitate consumers' tracking of product repairs and provide faster solutions for the company.

The Technical Service Module is highly advantageous for both consumers and companies. Through this module, companies can perform multiple operations within a single system. For example, a consumer can create a product malfunction record for a company through the Technical Service Module. Once the product reaches the company, they can inform the consumers and provide them with detailed information about the product through the Technical Service Module. Companies can input customer numbers, information about how the device reached the company, and details about the accessories related to the device into the system to create a service record.

In addition, the company representative establishes communication with the customer to learn about the product issue. As a result, the company transfers the issue to the authorized department through the system. In this way, companies benefit from the convenience of processing everything on a single platform, enabling fast and solution-oriented approach. Additionally, customers gain easy and quick access to the process through the system, ensuring information flow. The authorized personnel directed by the company perform the repair of the faulty product. Afterwards, the company representative provides the customer with pricing information regarding the repair. Consequently, the company representative shares the customer number to collect the payment. Here, the Technical Service module progresses in integration with the Accounting module. After the customer completes the payment process, these steps are recorded in the system, followed by product inspection and packaging for delivery. The package is then handed over to the courier to be delivered to the customer.

The Technical Service Module encompasses customer support, product repairs, integration with the accounting module, and all processes related to packaging and shipping. Through this module, the company achieves a more systematic record of product repairs and collections, while customers save time by accessing all product-related processes through a single digital platform. Additionally, the company gains a more reliable and systematic service record compared to manual records. As a result, companies can review previous fault records through the system at any time. With ERP modules, information becomes more reliable and accessible faster.

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