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Gaining customers and retaining them in the long term is not limited to meeting expectations alone. Companies need to have a holistic perspective to earn customer loyalty in the long run and expand their customer network.

The ERP system has also shown systematic developments to meet expectations with a broad perspective.

Turkey's Most Advanced Sales Module


The Sales/Marketing Module in the ERP system integrates with multiple modules to digitally and efficiently execute the sales process on a reliable platform. After the sales transaction is completed in the Sales/Marketing Module, and the payment collection is made, the seller transfers the customer's information into the system from the customer tab. Then, the seller will write the details of the sales transaction in the sales operations tab.

So, the seller completes the information such as the product, customer, invoice type, delivery method, sales type, and order details in the system to create a sales transaction record. Additionally, companies using the sales/marketing module can make changes to the sales transaction tab according to their business. This means that the company may request different additional information or features. After the seller completes this process, they await accounting approval through the system.

After the accounting approval, the product's shipping process progresses in integration with the warehouse module. This completes the sales transaction. The Sales/Marketing module integrates multiple modules such as customer, warehouse, inventory, and accounting through a single system, enabling transactions to be completed in a shorter time and more efficiently. As a result, companies deliver products to customers faster and more systematically with better product tracking. This situation ensures customer satisfaction in the long run.

The Sales/Marketing Module aims to facilitate companies' sales processes in a more systematic manner by developing an easy-to-use interface. This way, companies can save time, backup their information on the system, and complete sales transactions within minutes through a single system. In addition, the ERP system, which continues to evolve with the advancements of the technological age, has made it easier to establish a network of trust for companies and their customer portfolio.

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