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Many small to medium-sized companies spend a lot of money in the accounting field because they lack sufficient knowledge about ERP software. For instance, some companies prefer to manage inventory lists, process invoices, and maintain depreciation schedules by organizing them in Excel files, but this approach may not ensure proper storage or involve a complex approval procedure.

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The responsibilities regarding the quality, transparency, and currency of data owned by a business are increasing day by day. In addition, planning, analyzing, and accurately matching value streams have become important for corporate governance. This situation has been made easier through the integrated ERP system. The accounting module works in integration with various modules such as production management, human resources, cost accounting, supplier management, sales order billing and shipment, purchase order billing and delivery. As a result, the company has gained easier access to the information it seeks related to the relevant department.

Integrated ERP systems also bring together important data from various corporate departments such as fixed asset accounting, cost accounting, liquidity planning, financial flow processing, company financial statements, accounting transactions, tracking of voucher-based transactions, and company-specific statistical information. In addition, they coordinate accounting workflows within the company. Furthermore, they encompass all applications related to accounting, including recording, customer database information, payment planning, accounts receivable and collection calculations, tracking of valuable documents such as checks and promissory notes, and other general accounting practices. Employee receivables, payroll processes, and other accounting records are included in the Accounting Module.

The accounting module automates repetitive processes, enabling the company to save more time for strategic decisions. Legal accounting requirements are automatically monitored by the system, and the current status is updated in real-time.

The accounting module significantly enhances the performance of companies by automatically costing materials, recording material consumption quantities, and simplifying complex calculations. Additionally, these calculations provide information in determining the best inventories for the company and making decisions in the process of reducing existing assets.

The accounting module enables the introduction of all depreciation and asset types into the system. After monthly depreciation calculations, future depreciation information can be previewed on a daily basis. This feature is an important tool for strategic investment decisions and integrated risk decisions of the company. Thus, the accounting module provides detailed fixed asset records and tracks depreciation, transferring the most up-to-date information to the company in a shorter period of time.

Cost accounting assists the company in various areas such as the development of costs, identification of high or low-cost departments, profitability and preferences of products, and analysis of the minimum price required to cover the cost. System-based cost management offers simple allocation processes based on the type of cost, cost owner, cost center, and project. Thus, the system provides the company with alternative selection criteria and cost transparency in its evaluation process. As a result, this situation facilitates profitability for the company.

The accounting module facilitates the management of processes such as e-invoice, e-archive, e-waybill, and e-ledger through the integration system. In addition, the system, through e-reconciliation integration solution, shifts the process from manual management to digital management. The company gains speed in its operations through the digital platform. Furthermore, the system provides convenience to the company in banking integration. For instance, by integrating with multiple banks and accounts, the company can transfer its financial processes to the digital platform, enabling easier tracking and access.

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