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Nitro Smart Human Resources Module

Regardless of the size of companies operating today, all firms require human management. These needs may vary depending on the company. For this reason, companies resort to different programs with different people and different management. The common point for all companies is the need for human resources planning.

Human resources form the corporate structure of a company. Additionally, it serves as a bridge that ensures coherence and coordination with different departments within the company. Human resources is one of the most important resources that need to be carefully managed in all companies. With the ERP system, it can be easily monitored through an easy interface.

The Most Advanced Human Resources Module in Turkey


In the manual system, many processes such as personnel documents, operational charts, employee advance requests, and employee leaves are managed by the human resources department. This process is complex and time-consuming for the HR department. However, in the HR module of the ERP system, this process progresses faster and simpler. Companies can add a detailed personnel list through the HR module, manage the control of employee advance request forms, and track and approve leave requests made by employees.

In addition, through the module, company managers can request key or personal items such as equipment, advances, and leave forms through the personal request method they determine. With the module, companies are able to track personnel more efficiently. Additionally, the company can easily monitor employees in a more controlled manner and access detailed information about the personnel.

The ERP system has provided company employees with more time for various tasks such as mandatory documentation, tracking required situations, and training needs. Additionally, the ERP system has contributed to the efficient functioning and development of personnel within the company.

The ERP system varies according to companies. Therefore, the content of the human resources module, the purpose of its usage, and personnel preferences differ from company to company. As a result, when selecting an ERP system, companies should focus on efficiency and budget analysis to ensure development. In other words, it is of great importance for companies to examine the system's functionality and economic aspects before using an ERP system, as it contributes significantly to the company's growth and the acquisition of a strong customer portfolio.

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