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Support Management Module

Nitro Smart Support Management Module

In today's competitive market environment, adapting to competition by delivering products as quickly and efficiently as possible is always an effective method. In addition, using an accurate and fast communication channel with customers can make a company stand out in the market competition. This is because customers want to see the company's support during the sales and after-sales process.

This situation helps the company expand its customer network by gaining the trust of customers. The ease of access to information within the customer network and the importance placed on the reliability of the information influence the customer's demand for a product or a company. The ERP system has brought this situation to the digital platform with the Support Management Module as a single system.

The Most Advanced Support Management Module in Turkey


We can say that the Support Management Module is a recorded communication between the customer and the company representative for post-sales service related to the product. The company records the customer's product-related issue in the system through this module. Here, we can access information about the product's status, customer details, the person who created the support ticket for the product, and the personnel assigned by the company representative for product repairs.

We can also learn when the product repair process will start and end. During this process, instead of wasting time by calling the customer for information, they can check the progress of their product through the system and quickly find out which stage the product is in.

In this case, instead of obtaining information through phone conversations with the customer, they can have easier access through the system. Additionally, they can access information such as the support history of past products, tracking ongoing repair processes, completed repair processes, and closing the support ticket for a product through the system.

We can consider the Support Management module as an advantageous module for companies to meet customer trust and expectations. This way, in the market competition, the company can have the opportunity to stand out among customers.

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