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CAN Analyzer

What is an Isolated CAN Analyzer?

Due to the similarity of the wiring of the installation cables on the CAN bus, there can be a problem of mixing up the lines during data analysis. However, accidentally exposing the CAN-High or CAN-Low lines to high voltage or static electricity can cause the analyzer device to malfunction and cause significant damage to the connected computer.

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Your secure, isolated circuit, noise-free, accurate results providing analysis device.


Isolation circuit

The isolation circuit in the Isolated CAN Analyzer model physically separates the vehicle wiring and USB connection, solving the problem.


Harm Prevention

Even if the analyzer is damaged due to short circuit, high voltage, and static electricity issues that may occur in the device, the computer will not be harmed.


Electrical Noise

The isolation circuit eliminates electrical noise and enables you to obtain more accurate analysis results.


What are CAN Protocols?

CAN protocols are standards that enable more efficient and global use of the CAN-Bus network. They are widely used in various applications such as ISOBUS-ISO11783 for agricultural vehicles, ISO-TP-ISO15765-2 in the automotive sector, SAE J1939 in buses and trucks, and SAEJ2284 for in-vehicle control unit networks. These protocols allow for the analysis and interpretation of data on the vehicle, making it understandable. Through these protocols, analyzed data can be interpreted to obtain desired information and send commands to the desired control unit.

What is a Dual Channel CAN Analyzer?

Dual Channel refers to having two channels, and with Dual Channel CAN Analyzer, you can analyze and send data on 2 CAN lines simultaneously. This feature allows you to analyze 2 different CAN lines that work in sync at the same time. You can view and analyze the data from both lines on a single screen accurately. This provides you with the ability to accurately analyze two different CAN lines that operate concurrently.


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